QR CodesEnhance your direct mail response rates and drive traffic to your website

QR Codes, you have seen them everywhere...

So, how can you incorporate this new technology with your direct mail marketing campaign to help you achieve higher response rate, increase brand awareness and drive traffic to your website?

QR Codes, also known as Quick Response codes, have become a vital resource in the way people respond to your marketing or advertising piece. By using their ‘smart phones’ clients and prospects can scan the QR code immediately directing them to your Website, personal landing page (PURL), or special offer. The QR code has revolutionized the way that people communicate in today’s business environment.

The QR Code can be a very effective way to increase your response rates, develop brand awareness, drive traffic to your website, announce promotional offers, distribute coupons, solicit survey request forms, launch new products and so much more…

By incorporating a QR Code on your direct mailer, you can better measure response rates, track mail delivery, deliver ‘real-time’ messages and offers, create custom promotions for your clients and prospects, make it easier for people to find your website and the possibilities are endless.

Ask one of our Customer Service Specialists how incorporating a QR code onto your next mailer, brochure, postcard or marketing piece can help you drive up your response rates, increase sales, improve web traffic and get your message directly into the hands of your targeted audience. Call us today at: 732-905-2010