Targeted Consumer Mailing Lists
Accurate and Reliable Data Delivers the Best Results!

The most critical aspect of any marketing campaign in the direct mail/ marketing channel is the Mailing List. The old adage "Garbage in, garbage out" certainly applies when it comes to targeting your ideal market segment in the direct marketing arena. Of course, your 'message' or 'offer' are also vitally important, but unless you are reaching the best possible ‘target’ audience, your chances for success are greatly diminished. The process of 'drilling down' to find your best prospective client can be likened to a 'funnel' approach (See illustration on the left). Although the example shown is for the mortgage industry, this example would apply to any industry.

We can provide data management and analytical services and can provide you with custom detailed reporting, so that you can obtain the best possible results from your direct mail campaign. We can also track 'your mail' as it makes its way through the mail stream helping to maximize your response rates and return on investment!

Data Analytics

Targeting the right audience is vital to the success of any direct marketing effort. Tailoring your 'criteria' when preparing your mailing list, will help to maximize your marketing budget and increase your return on investment. By soliciting to only those 'candidates' that best fit your ideal customer 'profile', you will reduce wasting your marketing dollars. Reaching only those prospects that are best 'qualified' to respond to your specific message, and layering your market 'criteria', will help you to 'drill down' to your ideal customer.

With A+ Letter Service's comprehensive consumer database, you can build your mailing list using key demographics such as:

  • Dwelling Type (Single Family, Multi-Family)
  • New Moves
  • Age
  • Income (Individual and Household)
  • Net Worth
  • Philanthropy
  • Multi-generational households
  • Home Value and Mortgage Loan Balance
  • Religious Affiliation
  • Ethnicity
  • Voting Habits
  • Milestone Events
  • Interests and Habits
  • Outstanding Debt Load
  • Presence & Age of Children in household
  • LTV % (Loan to Value of Real Estate)

We have many other Demographic Indicators available in addition to those listed above

Accurate targeting and segmentation of your prospect base allows you to tailor the look and content of your offer based on the demographics you select. This is a key element to cutting through the market clutter, delivering an effective message, and inspiring your prospect to respond.

The Value of Targeted data has a direct correlation to the effectiveness and response rates of your message, offer or marketing goals. Reaching the 'right' audience with the 'right' message is vital in ensuring that you maximize your return on investment!

In conjunction with the US Postal Service, our data is continually (NCOA) updated for demographic accuracy and deliverability. We will put your message in the hands of those most likely to respond to your offer. Your marketing effort will reap the benefits, in the confidence that your mail is being delivered and not being returned as; 'undeliverable', or 'address unknown'.

How important is Data Hygiene? Did you know that failing to delete duplicates and perform an NCOA (National Change of Address) scrub on your data file can result in up to 20% of your mailing list being undeliverable? That's right, up to 20% of your marketing dollars wasted, by not performing data hygiene on your mailing list.