PURL's (Personal URL's)Drive Up Direct Mail Response Rates With PURL's

What is a PURL (Personal Landing Page)?

A “PURL”, or Personal URL, is a customizable web address that you can create to design a personalized profile page within a website.

An Example of a “PURL” might look like this: http://website.com/username,or http://johnsmith.yourdomain.com¬†

Creating a PURL allows you the flexibility to target market your message, welcome page, thank you, redemption, or special offer, or a host of other customizable content. Using “PURL’s” helps to engage your customers and prospects and drives up response rates dramatically!

PURL’s can be embedded in your email, or you can print a QR (Quick Response) Code, on your direct mail piece which can be scanned by most Smart Phones and direct your prospect, or client directly to a personal landing page created especially for them.
It is a unique and personalized way to give your recipient the feeling that your message was intended just for them.

Some of the benefits of using PURL’s are;

  • Increased response rates
  • Measurable results from your mailing
  • The ability to gauge the effectiveness of individual campaigns
  • Identify your most valuable prospects
  • Create custom offers for each recipient
  • Tailor personalized messages for your prospects and clients
  • Maximize the effectiveness of future marketing‚Ķjust to name a few!