offset Printing
Saves You Money on High Volume Direct Mail Print Runs

How to decide when offset printing is the best choice when compared to digital:

As a rule of thumb, offset printing becomes the best choice when producing large volume direct mail print runs. Another key advantage is that offset printing can accompany a wide range of sizes and printing surfaces including; paper, cloth, rough paper, plastic, vinyl, you can even print on wood, or metal.

However, the real benefit of offset printing is; the unit cost goes down, as the quantity goes up. Many will also argue that the print quality is better than digital. Though with all the advances in digital technology the gap seems to be narrowing in recent years.

Do you have a large print run, complex mailings, or rush marketing requirements?

A+ Letter Service offers competitive pricing to help you stay within your budget. Call us for pricing on your next direct mail campaign and let us take the hassle out of your next direct mail, marketing or non-profit event. We take care of everything for you including; diverse high speed digital and offset printing capabilities, complete lettershop, pressure-seal and spot glue services. We also specialize in; insurance and compliance mailings, Non-profit programs, marketing and product fulfillment and so much more…

Another key advantage with offset printing is that if you are planning on using the Pantone® Matching System, offset printing will give you the best match, since actual Pantone® ink is used in the printing process vs. digital which primarily uses toner.

One disadvantage to offset printing is, longer lead times. Because offset printing requires a more complex set up process vs. digital which is virtually ‘print on demand’ you will have to allow a little extra lead time when planning your project.

When requiring larger print volumes, offset printing’s many benefits far outweigh digital copiers, when you factor in the cost savings.

We strive to satisfy every client’s needs. If we cannot fufill a service or product you need, we will be happy to provide a reference for one of our 'Preferred Vendors' that share the same level of commitment to customer satisfaction as we do.

In addition to the cost savings, offset printing provides a consistent high level of quality in producing images, because the rubber 'blanket' on the printing plate (pictured below) molds itself to the texture of the printing surface leaving a crisp, clean and detailed image every time.

A+ Letter Service provides both digital and offset printing services, allowing you the flexibility to tailor your marketing print media to enjoy the advantages of both mediums.

For quick, high quality short-runs, choose digital, or for superior color match and volume discounts, choose offset printing. Either way, A+ has every option covered for you.

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